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Capex-Free Offering

SolarSaver's unique rent-to-own contract (or power purchase agreement) will allow your property to “go green” and let you start saving on your monthly electricity bills without any capital investment. In short, we will install a customized solar photovoltaic system for you free-of-charge, and you just pay for the cheaper, greener power that’s produced.

Zero Capital Investment

SolarSaver clients do not pay for the solar installation. Every upfront cost is covered.

Immediate Savings

Our effective tariffs are cheaper than grid power, so you save money from day one. 

Flexible Exit Rights

Our clients can elect to buy their installation outright at any time during the contract term.

Pay Only For Performance

Monthly charges are linked to actual system performance. You only pay for what you get.

Maintenance Covered

SolarSaver remains responsible for all repairs and maintenance for the duration of the contract. 

Go Green

Help combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our dependence on fossil fuels. 

Industry Focus

SolarSaver manages over 700 solar installations for clients across a range of industries and sectors. Installations include systems for shopping centres, farms, hotels, cold storage facilities, hospitals and factories.

We've included some sector-specific examples and case studies from our portfolio here:



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